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    2. 鎮江卡博醫藥科技有限公司

      Zhenjiang Carbochem Pharmatech Co.,LTD.




      Service target Serving domestic and foreign new drug R&D companies
      Service positioning According to the requirements of new drug R&D companies at home and abroad for applying factories, our main supporting factories have GMP-certified, GMP-like, ISO multifunctional chemical factories and factories with special chemical qualifications.
      Service Products Organic chemistry molecular building blocks in new drug development, new materials, organic chemistry molecular building blocks in new pesticide molecules, and specialty chemicals.
      Customized production After the process technology research and development is completed, in accordance with the tripartite confidentiality agreement, the production will be carried out in our contract production plant, and depending on the situation, the different reporting requirements of customers can be met:
      1. GMP certified factory
      2. GMP-Compliant
      3. ISO-9001 Certifiated multi-purpose plants
      4. Special chemistry plants such as cyanide, chlorination, hydrogenation, ozonation, solid phosgene, etc.
      Based on more than 20 years of experience in organic synthesis and process amplification, we have the ability to develop large-scale production processes from gram to tonnage from the laboratory.
      The technical team is led by Dr. Zhibin Luo. After graduating from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Dr. Luo has worked for Suzhou Novartis Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhenjiang Landet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The existing Kabo Pharmaceutical technical team is mainly organic synthesis and process scale-up Senior researcher with more than 10 years of professional background.
      Process optimization and commercialization
      Kabo Pharmaceutical always puts technological innovation in the first place, and optimizes the process with an attitude of excellence to meet the requirements of commercialization.

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