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    2. 鎮江卡博醫藥科技有限公司

      Zhenjiang Carbochem Pharmatech Co.,LTD.

      Product Center

      We are focusing on serving custom synthesis with quantity from grams to tons to our customers, specializing in fields of Fused Pyridine , Fused Pyrimidine, Fused Aromatic and other fused rings, Heterocyclic compound, Boric acid compound, Chiral compounds (Enzyme catalysis, Chemical catalysis), High temperature reactions by continuous flow reaction, to name just a few...

      CMO&CDMO Catalogue Products

      Our product catalog only lists some typical product categories where we have technical advantages. If you have other product requirements, please contact us directly.



      Commercial products


      Pilot product


      Early R&D products


      Professional and efficient: professional and persistent, and strive for perfection.

      Be brave to innovate: combine new situations and new problems, sum up new experiences and new methods

      Continuous improvement: continuous learning and improvement, the pursuit of excellence;

      Cooperative growth: Continuously improve products and services, and help client companies continue to develop.

      Company spirit

      Professionalization and Efficiency、Innovation、SustainableImprovement、Co-operation and Growth

      About us

      Zhenjiang Carbochem Pharmatech Co., Ltd. was established in August 2019. Our main business is CMO&CDMO; we serve new drug R&D companies all around the world to provide molecular cutting of new drugs, and provide commercial production ranging from 100g to ton level...


      CMO&CDMO Profile

      Targeting at technology-driven customized services and large-scale product provision

      CarboChem is a technology-driven company that provides customized services and large-scale products. In the first phase, it built a 1300 square meter R&D and pilot laboratory, equipped with 4 Agilent 1200 HPLC, one of which is a chiral HPLC and an Agilent gas phase. For the 7890 advanced laboratory, 1,300 will be reserved for the second phase, and the construction is expected to be completed in 2021.


      CMO&CDMO Service

      Service target: Serving domestic and foreign new drug research and development companies

      Service Positioning: According to the requirements of new drug R&D companies at home and abroad for applying factories, our main supporting factories have GMP-certified Certification, GMP-like, ISO multifunctional chemical plants and factories with special chemical qualifications.

      Service products: molecular building blocks of organic chemistry in new drug development, new materials, molecular building blocks of organic chemistry in new pesticide molecules, And special chemicals.


      CMO&CDMO is good at reaction type

      Halogenation reactions (nucleophilic and electrophilic bromination, chlorination and fluorination reactions)

      Diazotization reactions and related chemical reactions; preparation and application reactions of Grignard reagents; redox reactions; metal-catalyzed coupling reactions; chiral resolution and asymmetric synthesis reactions, etc.



      Heterocyclic compounds: piperazine; piperidine; pyrrolidine

      Heteroaryl compounds: indole; pyrazine; pyrazole; pyridazine; pyridine; pyrimidine; quinalidine; quinazoline; thiazole

      Special compounds: bridged ring compounds; boric acid and pinacol borate; chain compounds; chiral intermediates; fused pyridine ring amine; cyclohexane; fluazetidine and fluorooxetine Alkane; fused aromatic hydrocarbon; fused ring; pyrrolidine derivative; spiro compound; substituted proline; azetidine...


      News Center


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